Medical City Denton October 29, 2014

Medical City Denton was recognized with an “A” Hospital Safety Score for the third consecutive year by The Leapfrog Group, an independent national nonprofit that surveys and compares hospitals’ performance on the national performance standards of safety, quality, and efficiency.

Medical City Denton's “A” score was awarded in the latest update to the Hospital Safety Score℠, released in October 2014, and recognizes the continued investment and priority that Medical City Denton has placed on patient safety. It is one of five Medical City Healthcare hospitals in to receive the top “A” score.

“Earning an ‘A’ on the Hospital Safety Score demonstrates that this hospital has exhibited excellence in our national database of patient safety measures,” said Leah Binder, President and CEO of The Leapfrog Group. “I’d like to congratulate Medical City Denton for your achievements and encourage you to continue to put a priority on the safety of your patients.”

The Hospital Safety Score is compiled under the guidance of analysts identified by Leapfrog, an independent industry watchdog, as the nation’s leading experts on patient safety and is administered by Leapfrog. The first and only hospital safety rating to be peer-reviewed in the Journal of Patient Safety, the Score is free to the public and, according to Leapfrog, designed to give consumers information they can use to inform themselves and their families when facing a hospital stay.

“At Medical City Denton, our team constantly strives to provide quality care for our patients and the ‘A’ rating exemplifies our shared commitment to safety excellence and quality initiatives,” said Caleb O’Rear, CEO of Medical City Denton. “We are pleased to be recognized by our peers for our dedication and achievements in making positive changes for the benefit of our patients, and I am very proud of our team.”

Developed under the guidance of Leapfrog’s Blue Ribbon Expert Panel, the Hospital Safety Score uses 28 measures of publicly available hospital safety data to produce a single “A,” “B,” “C,” “D,” or “F” score representing a hospital’s overall capacity to keep patients safe from preventable harm. More than 2,500 U.S. general hospitals were assigned scores in fall 2014, with about 31-percent receiving an “A” grade. The Hospital Safety Score is fully transparent, and its website offers a full analysis of the data and methodology used in determining grades. All scores can be viewed at

To see Medical City Denton’s scores compared nationally and locally, visit the Hospital Safety Score website at, which provides information on how the public can protect themselves and loved ones during a hospital stay. Local hospitals’ scores are also available on the free mobile app, available at