Medical City Denton July 24, 2014

The Radial Lounge is a unique recovery area featuring individual lounge chairs, high-definition televisions, and wireless Internet access. Patients will have access to healthy snacks and refreshments as they relax and recover.

“Our cardiology team is very excited to be able to offer our patients this advanced care and a safe and comfortable place to recover,” said Caleb O’Rear, CEO, Medical City Denton.

Cardiac catheterization is a medical procedure used to diagnose and treat coronary artery disease. The method involves threading a long, thin catheter through an artery into the heart. Traditional catheterization access is through the femoral artery (in the groin). In recent years, the transradial approach to cardiac catheterization, which involves using the radial artery in the wrist, has gained popularity with practitioners as well as patients.

“For those patients who have had the traditional heart catheterization, they will remember 4-8 hours of lying flat with a compression weight on the leg. For many patients, this was the worst part of having a catheterization,” said Ashley Smith, Administrative Director of Cardiac Services at Denton Regional. “Now, with the transradial approach, the wrist insertion site only requires one to two hours of applying a small plastic band about the size of a wrist watch. It is placed on the wrist and then is inflated with a small amount of air to add pressure to the insertion site.”

Cardiologists at Medical City Denton can now offer patients who meet certain physical requirements the opportunity to have their heart catheterizations performed with a transradial approach. These patients benefit in a variety of ways, including a lowered risk for bleeding complications and reduced expense due to shorter recovery times. In addition, Denton Regional’s new Radial Lounge offers patients in recovery an atmosphere of comfort coupled with the highest quality care.