Medical City Denton October 27, 2015

DENTON, TX — October 26, 2015 — Medical City Denton will serve as an educational hub for physicians, nurses and local Fire & EMS, when it hosts the Abiomed® Mobile Learning Lab on its campus, Wednesday, October 28th from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm.

Medical staff, such as physicians, nurses and cath lab techs, from across the region will learn about the Impella procedure. The lab will provide hands-on experiences, casual product discussions, and lectures and presentations.

The Impella is a small device inserted into the femoral artery and guided into the left ventricle of the heart. The miniature Impella pump is able to provide support for a weakening heart by pumping enough blood to maintain sufficient cardiac output. The Impella is typically used on patients suffering extremely fragile conditions such as advanced heart disease or severely damaged and failing hearts.

The lab contains several simulator and video stations, a seating area and meeting room. It will be stationed in the parking lot of Medical City Denton. The simulator stations provide interactive situations and practice opportunities. That ranges from hands-on catheter placement and insertion, to viewing schematic set-up graphics and screens.