Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercise Plan

Workout sessions are generally divided into three phases as described below:

Phase I (Inpatient)

Started during your hospitalization, this phase educates you and your family on the transition from the hospital to home, including activity and emotional support. A team member may begin a program of progressive exercises designed to regain your strength and get you strong enough to leave the hospital and begin with Phase II.

Phase II (Early Outpatient)

Once you are out of hospital, you will continue to work on getting stronger through instructions given to you by the Cardiac Rehabilitation staff and your doctor. This phase involves attending a supervised exercise program on an outpatient basis three times per week and will last approximately two to three months. Weekly educational sessions are also an integral part of Phase II.

Phase III / IV (Maintenance Outpatient)

In these phases, the staff and your doctor have determined that you can safely perform exercises and understand risk factor modification techniques. It is vital to your physical well-being that you commit to a lifelong exercise plan and eat a heart-healthy diet.